KCR maintains close relation with Anti-Telangana Forces

During the Telangana movement, the Anti-Telangana forces showed their power on Telangana activists and ordered attacks on those who supported the state formation. The current Chief Minister, KCR boosting the movement made them take extreme decisions to stop it at any cost.

When the TRS activists made protests and dharna, Mukesh Goud tried his best to stop them while Danam Nagendar even ordered laathi charge. Congress leaders like Konda Murali and Konda Surekha who were elected from Warangal, got the activists fired at in Mahabubabad railway station.

As one can clearly see, all those who aggressively opposed the TS formation movement are now maintaining close relationship with KCR showcasing their desire and support for power. Kadiyam Srihari is one of them who never encouraged the separate state issue and he is now the Deputy Chief Minister.

Danam Nagendar who was considered to be a strong opponent to the Telangana formation movement, has now received an entry into the TRS party. Well, all this drama hints at KCR’s interest in ruling but not taking an action against the Anti-Telangana Forces.

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