Kathi Mahesh to join Janasena party?

After the kind of allegations Kathi Mahesh throwed on Pawan Kalyan and his fans in all possible ways he went into a kind of deal and compromised with him few hours back. Kathi Mahesh almost miffed with Pawan Kalyan from the pas 4 months and the final things gone into an end now.

Kathi promised he will fight for right of expression and will never stop fighting for that. The same time he said he is not going to target anyone in special and will stick to his point. Now the new interesting rumor on Social media raised that few people of Janasena invited Kathi Mahesh into their party as he is a good spokes person.

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Kathi’s capabilities as an orator, writer and command on various subjects were well glorified these days in TV channel debates. So now Pawan Kalyan’s acquaintances are interested in him may be.

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