Karnataka Congress and JDS MLAs reach Hyderabad, Stay in Taj Krishna hotel

Karnataka Congress Party and JDS have decided to move their MLAs to Hyderabad in order not to let them join the opponent party for power. Anand Singh and Rajashekhar Patil who won the Karnataka Elections from Congress have already left the party.

Congress won 78 seats and 2 of them have already left. Hence the National Congress Party has taken a decision to move all the MLAs to Hyderabad to avoid communication with BJP. All the 76 MLAs were reportedly moved to Hyderabad Taj Krishna hotel last night.

As per the latest source Congress party has decided to start a national wide protest against the Karnataka Governor for his partial behavior to support BJP against Congress JDS alliance. However, things are yet to settle in the state and the government is yet to be formed. Stay tuned for more political updates.

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