JD Lakshmi Narayana responds on news of Joining Janasena Party!

EX CBI JD Lakshmi Narayana finally posted about his views to join the part of Janasena or not. The Janasena party is currently on to the best issue wherein Janasena has the chance to raise as bigger political power in the recent times.

Now the strong sources from Janasena said Pawan himself want JD to be in their team and which will also help the people to connect with him. He finally reacted to it and stated that ” “The news about me Joining #JanaSenaParty is not true. Maharashtra government didn’t accept my Resignation yet.,

Once they accept it I will decide my future in Politics and will declare the same” he stated. JD has resigned for the Job of his weeks back and yet the Maharastra government is yet to accept the resignation of his. He looks like opening a new party or bigger one indeed to make the things happen fast.

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