Jayaprakash, Undavalli and Pawan Kalyan a UTTERPLOP JAC coming?

The other Day’s press meet of Pawan Kalyan put out a new interesting fact from him that he is interested to create a new JAC in the Andhra Pradesh in support of People over here to bring down the attitude of BJP in the Central government.

Pawan did not speak anything else but invited people like Jayaprakash Narayan and Undavalli to form the intellectual JAC to help regarding the Special status issue. The powerstar’s announcement is so grand and good but the political analyzers are stating that this is going to be a bad plan in always but won’t work in the reality.

“Pawan Kalyan is the guy with a huge attitude where Undavalli and Jayaprakash are having different views on Chandrababu Naidu. Undavalli hates CBN but Jayaprakash will have positive interest on Chandrababu Naidu. So this won’t work and even if they form JAC it will be an utter plop” said a political analyzer.

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