Janasena the next Prajarajyam and Pawan is a political failure like CHIRU!

The recent norms of JFC-Joint fact-finding committee have got the number of terms in a greater way and path. Pawan Kalyan launched Jana Sena in 2014 and started supporting BJP and TDP for the last election.

Pawan Kalyan is slow into politics and doing things of his own style. He recently made a JFC to do good for the people involving Jayaprakash Narayan and intellectual Undavalli Arun Kumar in Joint Fact-Finding Committee (JFC).

Ram Gopal Varma the ace director puts out a statement that Pawan Kalyan is next Chiranjeevi in making for politics and his Jansaena will be like Prajarajyam but nothing else. ‘If PK still don’t contest all seats with full confidence, He will end up making a much bigger mistake than his elder brother in a reverse syndrome’. Varma did not have a sure point here at all he doesn’t make any sense this time.

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