‘Janasena forms government after 2019 elections, says Pawan Kalyan

After offering his prayers for Ganga at Kapasukuddi Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan has started ‘Porata Yatra’ from Ichapuram, Srikakulam District. Fisher-women in the village welcomed the Janasena leader on a grand note.

Speaking on the occasion, Pawan stated, “Common man’s issues are the main agenda of our party and is also the reason behind this ‘Bus Yatra. We have started this to know the sufferings of the people but not for any political advantage. Please don’t compare us with other party leaders as we are fighting only to solve the issues faced by common man.”

“We have fought hard for a solution in Uddanam case and would solve it permanently when our party comes into power in 2019 elections. We would come back and visit the Srikakulam district in four months,” added Pawan. He then joined the public meeting held at Surangi Rajavari Grounds. Pawan Kalyan would continue ‘Bus Yatra’ starting from Srikakulam and would later reach Vizianagaram.

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