Jagan Throws Challenge at Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu to keep NO CONFIDENCE MOTION against NDA

The current scenario of Pawan Kalyan and it JFC ideas towards Undavalli Arun Kuamr looks so shocking. Currently JFC member Undavalli asked Chandrababu Naidu to keep the No confidence motion against NDA government and MODI. Now in Prakasham District YSRCP chief Jagan Mohan Reddy throwed a challenge on the faces of Pawan Kalyan and Chandrababu Naidu regarding the same for AP Special Status.

He spoke at the Padayathra in the Prakasham district and said if Babu has guts he can keep No confidence motion on Modi government for which they are ready to give support as well or else give support to YSRCP MPs No confidence motion. Pawan Kalyan was also targeted by Jagan Mohan Reddy here.

“We are Challenging TDP to keep ‘No Confidence Motion’against NDA. We are ready to support Babu on it. Even I’m Challenging Pawan Kalyan to push his friendly alliance TDP to put No Confidence Motion on Modi government. Pawan please pour some gnanodhayam for CBN” YS Jagan challenges at Prakasam dist. My total MPs will support the No confidence motion if Babu does so in the interest of state – Jagan adds.

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