“I would rather hang myself than join Congress,” says K.E. Krishnamurthy

Andhra Pradesh’s Deputy Chief Minister K.E Krishnamurthy has spoken to the media members of late and gave out some breaking statements about his party and Congress as well.

When asked about allying with the Congress party in future, Krishna Murthy stated that he would never agree on any given terms to make any kind of alliance with the Congress party. He further added that the above statement is not just from him but also referred to his party and its leaders.

The Deputy CM went ahead and said that if there comes consequences in future to ally with Congress he would rather commit to death. ” I would rather hang myself than join Congress if we have to come over a situation to make alliances, he stated.

He later slammed YCP leaders saying that they resigned from MP posts for political mileage and heaped praises on CM Chandrababu Naidu voicing that he has been working hard for the state’s development, going against the Central Government.

“It is hard to see Janasena Leader Pawan Kalyan and YCP joining hands with BJP to gain power in forthcoming elections. If there is a anything to say about future alliances we would come forward before the news hits,” he concluded.

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