Huge advantage for Pawan Kalyan because of Kathi Mahesh, Analysis

The controversial issues between Pawan Kalyan fans, Pawan Kalyan and Kathi Mahesh are big-time debates on Telugu states wherein Kathi Mahesh has got bigger things to discuss for daily. But there is another point in this stature where we can easily say there are few positive advantages to Pawan because of this jeopardy.

One of the main things will be Pawan Kalyan is keeping his silence and did not utter a word when Kathi Mahesh on another side is using bad words towards Pawan Kalyan this will surely create a sympathy for Power Star. Also, Ex Congress MP Undavalli Arun Kumar praised the stand of Pawan on Kathi Mahesh.

Also for the same kind of issue, Kalyan is learning to be stubborn and tolerant in the early stages of his political career as well. Also, few channels are showing their true colors by showing Kathi on their TV lot of times so that Kalyan will know who is who and who is targeting him and gaining TRP for unnecessary reasons. Pawan will have the clear picture of enemies now after this back to back controversies.

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