How REDDY will influence the CONGRESS win in this election – An analysis !

When there is a need for progress, some leaders turn into politicians and then to leaders again if the situation desires a movement. This is certainly about the Chevella MP Konda Vishweswar Reddy who has become the center of the Telangana State politics. As per the recent survey, he going towards a truimphant victory even after his withdrawal from the ruling Party KCR. People used to take granted the every step of this man irrespective of the parties but only with belief. Here are the reasons why he is considered as a people leader and what he does most in times of need.
Konda was greatly influenced by the political scenario prevailing in the early 1960s while growing up in his grandfather’s house, a hub for Telangana’s political stalwarts, educationists, lawyers, poets, social reformers, farmers and was undoubtedly the birthplace of the movement for a separate statehood for the region of Telangana. May be from that point he started to assess the situations and take a particular stance in favour of the people. In 2007 he is a part of the movement for Telangana bifurcation.
Of course later he played a crucial role in the formation of Telangana State  With extensive knowledge on the dynamics of the Telangana region, the exploitation of people of the region in terms of irrigation, finance, socio-economic benefits, education, etc., and as the founding Chairman of Progressive Telangana Foundation, participated in discussions through various forums on Telangana and its case and also presented it before the Justice Srikrishna Committee. He entered the politics on the call of KCR in 2013. Later he won the Parliament seat from Chevella Constituency in 2014 general elections and the rest is history.
All the time he is on the people’s side and that’s what tasted bitter for the government. He haven’t stepped back a bit for people and fought relentlessly demanding the ruling party to stay on their promises. But as KCR party failed and refused to do so, he found no point in staying in TRS and left the party with no other thought. It’s a great adventure to leave the ruling and the dominant party and to join in the opposition these days but he did it with ease. And now, for that decision he is being hailed and applauded all over the state as a people’s leader. This massive crowd puller is said to be the one who can influence the polls at great extent. Because he is the strength of the people and people are his strength.