Heavy problem for TRS at Rangareddy region because of Visweswar Reddy!

Looks like TRS Chief KCR, who has dissolved the assembly in order to go for early polls has got a shock from none other than his own party members. Many of the TRS party members have fled to other parties. They took such decision as some of them have not been offered the party ticket, while others did so as they did not get the party ticket of the constituency they desired to get.

By this reason, showing their inconvenience towards the party and KCR, the party members have left TRS and have joined hands with other parties. Apart from the fleeing of these party members, KCR got a great shock when in such a situation Chevella MP Vishweshwar Reddy has resigned to his party and his seat. Vishweshwar Reddy happens to be one among the most popular as well as Important persons of Telangana State.

From the beginning, he has been dreaming of taking the Telangana State ahead of any other state in terms of development in the state. Also, has he been dreaming of making it a golden state. And for this, he has been raising his voice in the Parliament on behalf of TRS party. By such character, he is well known among the national figures in the national level. Contrary to his character, the governance of TRS party and its decision has disappointed Vishweshwar Reddy. As KCR was building up a negative name for TRS party with his selfish decisions, Vishweshwar Reddy started to hate the party and its governance.

He was also disappointed by the decision of KCR to go for early polls without informing anyone. And due to this disappointment towards the party, he had set up a new record by resigning to his seat as well as leaving the party. In this procedure of resigning from the party, Vishweshwar Reddy had joined hands with the Congress party which from the early time was in favor of Telangana State Development. He opined that Congress was always wishing the benefit of Telangana and for the same had it accepted the request to form a new state. He added that development in Telangana will only be possible in the Congress governance.

Heavy problem for TRS at Rangareddy region because of Visweswar Reddy!
Heavy problem for TRS at Rangareddy region because of Visweswar Reddy!

Political advisers have stated that KCR has bought him difficulties in the near future by concentrating completely over the Assembly elections. Advisers state that he might face difficulties in the form of Vishweshwar Reddy at the time of Parliament Elections. At last, it is clear that KCR who had dissolved the assembly for his selfishness is going to face a tough fight from Vishweshwar Reddy. Some sources say that it would not be surprising if TRS loses all its seats in Ranga Reddy district due to Vishweshwar Reddy.

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