HAPPY PATH TO TELANGANA, Nitin Gadkari approves inland waterways project on Godavari

The Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Nitin Gadkari has recently inaugurated four mega projects for Telangana Government. He paved a path to all the pending projects which were being appealed by the state government from the last three years.

The minister has inaugurated a project worth 55,000 crore and assured many such projects would be sanctioned in near future. Some of the projects he listed out are 5,500 crore for the RRR (Regional Ring Road),750 crore as CRF (Central Road Refund) and a very crucial project of the state that has been pending for years together that is the inland water ways project on Godavari. He assured 2,000crore as an initial amount for this massive project.

Added to this, he said there would be two reservoirs on Godavari, for which he would sanction around 50,000 crores. Around 800TMC of Polavaram back waters, would be effectively used for irrigation and drinking water purpose.

‘It is my dream project’, the minister exclaimed while he assured about the completion of inland water way from Bhadrachalam to Nasik and from Wazirabad to Galagali. “This would take a swerve in terms of economy of the sibling states, AP and Telangana. The water resources department has actioned on this issue and DPR is being prepared”,Gadkari said.

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