Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election Results: Congress Party got double barrel bullets from BJP

BJP is the prime victory party in both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election. Considering the trends and exit polls that were out showing the trend between BJP and Congress as Neck to neck the BJP crossed magical number of 92 mark and reached 104 seats in Gujarat.

The superb victory showcased how strong is Modi and his rule in the state of Gujarat. BJP is under big lead of 107 seats where as Congress is sticked to 71 seats only.  Modi has shown victory sign to media while entering into parliament today. That indicates his confidence on winning Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election. This is straight away bigger victory for 6th time in Assembly polls in Gujarat.

Even after ruling for 22 long years BJP did their best to come over the GST and Black money credential issues once again in Gujarat. Hardi Patel managed to root down the range of BJP but it did not work at all. Congress to managed to come back on its own lines but not a bigger style. Rahul Gandhi’s campaign and few things worked and the number of seats they won surely increased from the last time for sure.

BJP is show casing MODI name and Development agenda as main winner under this election poll. BJP winning in Himachal Pradesh is clearly given in Exit polls too and the same happened with in no time. On a single day BJP gave double slap to Congress party without any issues.

Gujarat 182/182
BJP – 100
Congress – 76
Others – 06

Himachal Pradesh
Congress – 21
BJP – 44
Others – 3

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