Governor Narasimhan tour in Srikakulam district

Telugu states Governor Narasimhan is visiting Srikakulam district today, as part of his 2 day visit schedule. His first visit was to Ambedkar University where he presided over as chancellor in the board meeting. Later he talked to students of the university directly to know any grievances they have.

He then asked the faculty to work on inventions that are useful to the society as a whole and just for commercial gains. Later he inaugurated the women’s hostel which was sanctioned by the government of Andhra Pradesh. He is currently participating in a Red Cross event. Later today he will travel to “Seethampeta” agency village to talk to women and students.

His motive of this visit is to inspect the working of subsidies and other schemes provided by Govt officials of that village. His schedule of tomorrow is still kept secret the security officials of the governor.