Government did not bring true culprits in the Boat Tragedy case – Pawan kalyan goes serious

Pawan Kalyan the Jana Sena leader is busy with his 3 days schedule in Andhra Pradesh state and he is doing his best to coup up with the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Today he was in Ongole and posted some serious sadness towards the people died in Boat Tragedy weeks back at Krishna River, Vijayawada. Pawan took serious words on boat management people and government for not keeping safety for the local or abroad tourists that are visiting Andhra Pradesh for sightseeing.

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Pawan also said Government did not arrest or took serious action on those who were real culprits and is hiding something. He spoke on various things at Jana Sena meet in Ongole and stated that Janasena will be with the people who are struggling to get some proper justice all the way.

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