Galla Jayadev the new super hero of Social media, Superb speech in Lok Sabha

Finally the Andhra Pradesh MPs have got out into the lime light and started questioning the Central government for what they have done for the Telugu states, Especially Andhra Pradesh. Now its none other than TDP MP Galla Jayadev busted the smashing speech in Lok Sabha today.

Jayadev read out a well researched speech bringing in all the lies that Centre is trying to cover up. Social media is taking this speech so serious and they started spreading it so viral with a great idaa. Jayadev stated that No fool is going to believe the lies spreaded by BJP as they state they have given tons of funds to the Andhra region. He also reminded the central government that the elections are very near.

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He also posted out the fact that BJP gave out the Metro rail to Bangalore only because they have election for the next year. He stated that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu met Delhi heads for 29 times and nothing is happening . Jayadev’s speech gone viral on social media now.

Galla Jayadev Superb speech in Lok Sabha

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