Excited to watch: ABN Promo of OPEN HEART – Visweswar reddy goes Viral 

We already know how famous is the programme Open heart with RK in ABN AndhraJyothi tv. Now none other than Chevella MP Konda Viswewar reddy has joined RK in this programme where in the video promo got released and it is going viral online now. Looks like Chevella MP has never lost the cool and clearly explained why he left the party TRS and had to come for Congress currently. Now this promo is being circulated on Social media with its best output. Chevella MP Konda Visweswar reddy stated that leaving TRS is the best this he does as the hirarcy in TRS is ruling the people and party but not the leaders in it. ” TRS is a family party where in they are putting up demands and conditions to the leaders in it.
There is no room for any people in here to cover it up and to express their own opinion. This is too worst for a regional party to be bind in the hands of few leaders and this is happening to TRS” Reddy opined . Radha Krishna tried to put some fire with this words in the interview but Konda Viswewar reddy never was out of his words or actions. He answered as usually in his cool sense. ” Yes, KTR warned me by saying ‘ IF YOU HURT THE PARTY, PARTY WILL HURT YOU ‘ ” Said Konda when RK asked about the allegation of KTR’s warning while coming out. ” Half of the Ranga Reddy district knows iam going to be out of TRS not only Revanth ” he stated.This video will be telecasted soon on ABN Andhra jyothi channel where the promo is going viral. There is too much support for Konda Vishweshwar reddy and the Youtube comments states the same.