I Don’t know who is Pawan Kalyan- Mudragada Padmanabham

Mudragada Padmanabham is the Kapu leader who was always seen fighting for Kapu Reservation rights against the Andhra Pradesh Sircar. He is currently in a silent mode not doing any kind of protests in order to make the promise given by Chandrababu Naidu in the previous election.

He visited Venkatagiri Nellore district recently and when Mudragada was asked about the questions regarding Pawan Kalyan. He gave an interesting answer stating that “I don’t know who is Pawan Kalyan” Even the media got shocked about his answers.

He also said he doesn’t know anything about Janasena. Looks like Mudragada is not at all happy to see media giving over hype to Pawan Kalyan and not to him or his protests. Media people started asking nothing at first and directly on Kalyan so he might got reacted this way seriously

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