Don’t celebrate new year festival .. Endowment warns Temples of AP

The Andhra Pradesh Government in shocking note asked Temples of it’s state not to celebrate any kind of New Year’s Eve or the New years ” The part of this is not in Hindu Culture and Ethos at all ” Endowment department sent a Circular to all the Temples in the state. “As per Hindu tradition, Ugadi is New Year for Telugus… and people should offer prayers on that day and temples should organize festivities then.” was written in it.

Another controversy broke out when at Sri Venkateswara University in Tirupathi was ruled with Vishwa Hindu Parishad people asking not to celebrate Christmas celebrations in the university.

Even a Video was out objecting the celebration for this festival. New year is a big deal for everyone in the country and generally, temples post their specials on that day for sure.

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