Crowd at Parigi Cheers for MP Vishweshwar reddy – TRS faces fumes..!

Telangana Congress Leader, Konda Vishweswar Reddy rocked the show in the meeting that was held at Parigi as a part of their election Campaigning. This EX-TRS leader recently resigned from the ruling party which is already a big blow for TRS. Adding to that, he slammed KCR’s government who made false promises to the people which was said to be a reason behind his resignation.
Starting from the promises made by the government to provide a job to each and every house, he pointed out KCR that even a single job is not given to a town. He added that all the schemes that are said to be implemented are copied from Congress government such as 108, 25paise loans, free electricity etc. It is a but funny to see them taking credit as their own scheme which obviously went towards Scam. He questioned about the Treasury and the Loans taken by TRS government which is being shoved down on throats of each and every individual at 60,000Rs per head if per average is calculated. Sarcastically he said that the ruling party commits to theft and later offers the people their own money in the form of help.
There are some obvious reasons for early assembly dissolution as his government ran out of money, he alleged. At the next moment he started to raise the point, the people applauded and went wild all over, throughout his speech. He also put forward about the schemes that are going to launch if they win, such as 2000Rs pension for Old, Loan ckearance in Single Payment etc. Konda Vishweswar Reddy has a great reputation as an exceptional public speaker and that’s why TRS acted like they were bamboozled with his withdrawal from the Party. Their faces turned out pale with this fantabulous speech by this MP who is considered as the one who can write the fate of TRS in upcoming elections.
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