Congress Ramya once again attacks Narendra Modi on twitter

Actress turned politician Ramya has never gave up on an opportunity to slam Narendra Modi and the Congress Ex-MP has once again attacked the Prime Minister with her tweets.

Ramya slammed Modi saying that Modi’s party is trying to loot the money of Paytm users. She went on and tweeted criticizing BJP on twitter alleging that one’s money can be shifted to BJP’s account as the latest news report. She even termed it as ‘Pay To Modi’ with the hashtag #PayToPMKaro.

After checking her tweets BJP workers and followers countered her asking to not serve hard for Rahul Gandhi and try to impress him. One of the twitterati stated that it would be a lot better if our money goes to BJP’s account rather than flowing into the hands of Vatican. While the other said that one can only keep talking whhen there are no concrete evidences.

Some of the netizens even trolled her commenting that their party was much worse when they were in rule.

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