Clear cut proof that BJP is backing Rajinikanth in Politics!

Super Star Rajinikanth has all the way great craze in Tamil Nadu and Telugu states as well. Right from Decades, everyone wants him to be in the range of Politics but he entered more lately. The way he entered into Politics has started the negative vibes of his.

Still, he did not declare the political party name and other things the viral news has been spread on him that he is covert of BJP party and he is supporting them all the way. After his recent visit to the Himalayas for Peace of mind the Journalists asked him why is he playing Spiritual politics like no one ever played.,

But the negative vibes are coming on him just because the BJP government is who gave him Padma Vibhushan award, Also the National media is surely stating out that Rajinikanth is dealing with Spiritual politics only because BJP and Modi asked him to do this way.

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