CHIRANJEEVI’S grand re-entry into politics… Here is the PLAN 

The kind of rumors spreading all over about Chiranjeevi the megastar is so viral. He has been into films for the past 3 years wherein the Megastar has left the politics at that time. He went into politics 12 years back and he also worked as Minister for the Union.

He worked as Tourism minister for few years. Megastar Chiranjeevi has got some bigger aim at 2019 general polls. Pawan Kalyan is busy in strengthening Janasena party and is bringing things to have a victory in 2019. Karnataka General polls are planning soon wherein Siddaramayya’s campaign is aggressive for the victory.

Congress sources are stating out that Megastar will be joining to campaign for the polls for the election in Karnataka soon. Mega Star Chiranjeevi in this way is going to have the grand re-entry into politics anytime soon.

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