Chandrababu’s TARGET is to Gain Sympathy of NRIs!!

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister Nara Chandra Naidu is trying to pose some Sympathy over the NRIs now. Making the new political statements at Assembly he might be bringing up some respect towards him and sentiment among the Non-Resident Indians-NRIs, He called upon the Telugu Non-Resident Indians to Come forward to raise funds for the Construction of a World class capital Amaravathi.

He announced that his government is contemplating floating capital bonds to raise funds for the construction of capital city at Amaravati.”Though out of 100 centers is supposed to give a lot they are not giving.

We are taking in more than 42 percent from the Centre to diminish out in the name of funds. We are fighting a lot for the one side development of Mission in Amaravathi” stated Naidu. Looks like he is busy to gain the love of NRIs a lot.

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