Chandrababu Naidu to declare FEDARAL FRONT next month at Mahanadu!

Andhra Pradesh Cheif Minister Chandrababu Naidu was out of the journey of Alliance with NDA government and they are alone making some things to warn out. He is the one who put out the new chance of No confidence motion in Parliament and is pulling all the other MPs to help him.

Now the sources are saying MAHANADU will be the place where Chandrababu might be pushing his chance of having a Federal front. TDP Chief #Chandrababu might declare his ‘FEDERAL FRONT’ idea at TDP MAHANADU next month at Amaravthi.

11 parties Including Mamatha, Akhilesh, Mayavathi are supporting him to go against Modi. APRIL7th to bring new equations in Indian Politics under leadership of Chandrababu naidu. Almost 11 parties are with him now to support against Modi.

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