“Chandrababu is running TDP worse than brothel,” says Mothkupalli

Addressing the media after meeting with YCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy former TDP Minister, Mothkupalli Narasimhulu slammed Chandrababu Naidu. He went on to allege that the AP CM has been running the Telugu Desam Party worse than a brothel house. YCP MP Vijay Sai Reddy meet him and later on he spoke to media at

“Holding the flag of TDP till the last breath is my dream. Chandrababu Naidu devastated it and restrained me from the party which shows his cruel nature. I have been an ardent follower of Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, besides, I am senior to Babu. It is totally unfair on his part to do something like this,” said Mothkupalli.

The Ex-MLA further added, “Chandrababu Naidu is running the party worse than a brothel house. He got rid of all the followers of NTR and started running it in his own style. Gorantla Buchayya Chowdary and I are the only ones left. Even I am suffering from sugar and BP just just because of his acts.

Nevertheless, nothing would stop me, will fight for Ambedkar’s goals as the last follower of NTR.”

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