Chandrababu failed on Anna Canteens, YSRCP doing it!

Tamil Nadu people used to have Amma Canteens at the time of Amma Regime and few of them are still going on at that state. Currently the Andhra Pradesh state too wanted to start such kind of canteens now in AP but with a limited areas and budget as well.

Chandrababu supposed to name them as ANNA Canteens where in the Rs.5 might be the food offering with a curry and dal including butter milk in the end. But out of various reasons it did not work at all for the Andhra Pradesh Government.

The seriously considered proposal of Anna Canteens has been shelved by the government themselves. On the other hand, YSR Congress Leaders have been able to do what the State Government failed to implement. YSRCP successfully managed to start out good quality two YSR Canteens in Hindupur now. They are going good, about 9Rs is the price at these canteens.

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