Chandrababu and Modi have got Match fixing, Jai Ram Ramesh Lashes

The AP special status issue has been raising on the news of Social media these days. Now Congress Senior leader Jai Ram Ramesh has taken the things too far and he went viral on speaking with media recently. He posted the serious allegations on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and PM Modi all the way.

He stated that Both of them has got match fixing in Parliament for which Chandrababu and TDP are main culprits to believe in Modi. “On one side 11 states are enjoying the issue of Special status why Not Andhra Pradesh will be getting the serious note on Special status which is already promised.” Jai Ram Ramesh has slashed at Modi and Babu.

He stated that Modi and Chadnrababu are waste to the country and they have got nothing to do in help of AP people.

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