BS Yeddyurappa swearing as Karnataka Chief Minister

After quite a long drama of Karnataka Election results, BS Yeddyurappa from BJP has been elected to be the Chief Minister of the state. Yedyurappa took an oath as Chief Minister early in the morning today after Governor Vajubhai Vala invited the BJP party to form the government.

Congress and JDS which won 78 and 37 seats respectively, have made alliances to form the government and not let the power go into the hands of BJP. They have even met the governor for his support but the governor had already made his decision by then. The Congress-JDS alliance then filed a petition at Supreme Court at late night, on Wednesday but the court stated that the final verdict ultimately would judge the formation of government.

BS Yeddyurappa will be wearing the crown as Chief Minister and the BJP party would form the government in no time. We will have to wait and see who among the members will be chosen into the Ministers’ cabinet.

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