BJP silent and No Harsh replies to Pawan, High Command serious suggestion?

Looks like BJP High command has given the serious orders to the people and leaders of Andhra Pradesh of their Party to not greatly or seriously Respond on the allegations made by Pawan Kalyan the other day at Uttarandhra tour.

Vishnu Kumar Raju the BJP Leader said “I don’t see how FAT I am and why Pawan is talking about my skin, His skin is not fat but mine might be lot fat. Also Assembly cameraman is showing me so fat it seems” he replied in Sarcastic way.

While Purandareswari too did not go so harsh on Pawan Kalyan and said “It is his feeling i am open to show the problem solving places and he can show me the where problem exists. We are here to help the people for sure” Purandareswari added.

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