BJP MPs are ready to backstab Modi and Amith Shah? Waiting for No confidence motion

BJP’s position in Andhra Pradesh is too bad and when it comes to the range of other states too the things are not at all positive for the Party BJP. Now here comes an interesting insight that Modi and Amith Shah are worried about the No confidence of their own MPs and NDA people.

In NDA BJP has a lot of majority but now the things have changed to another stand for sure. Considering the behavior of MODI and Amith Shah no one in NDA or BJP are interested in their monarch decisions and attitude-behavior.

So if No confidence motion comes into the discussion there will be surely few own MPs too who will be going against to Modi at any cost. BJP leaders are thinking about 302 MPs will support them with No confidence motion. Just because not having the support of Own MPS Modi and Shah are afraid of No confidence motion now.

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