Big Political Game: YSRCP STOPPING JD to enter into BJP!!

The bigger political discussion now going on in Telugu states is all about the seriousness of EX IPS JD Lakshmi Narayana who is all set to join the party of any in Andhra or Telangana. Or else he also might keep up a new party and will go to people.

Now there has been a discussion and debate that he is interested to go into BJP wherein YSRCP is not at all making this go. “JD has the chances to join BJP wherein his name will be declared as Cheif minister candidate as well But YSRCP and Jagan won’t make his happen.

They are trying their best to stop this. Jagan and Vijay Sai Reddy are already ready to bring out the things and have chances for political agenda of BJP and to be in alliance with them in coming elections if meanwhile JD comes it won’t be great for Jagan. JD is the one who put all the cases on Jagan and sent him to jail” So this cant happen said a Close source. JD already declared a press meet soon meanwhile YSRCP is trying its best to cut the content out.

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