Bettors invest big on Karnataka Assembly Election results

Latest news is that the Karnataka Assembly Elections seem to have been profitable for gamblers and punters across the country. The gambling groups have started betting on the election results even way before the campaigns of political leaders began. Now that the exit polls are suggesting BJP’s domination over Congress, bettors foresaw the risks they have made.

‘Ek-Pe-Ek’ is a new way of betting where one can gain double of his investment if won the bet. Most of the gamblers have reportedly chose this way and are investing their bikes, cars, gold, land property, own houses, etc. The Karnataka state police have formed special forces to put a check to these highly organized group of gamblers.

It is heard that not just in Karnataka but betting on Karnataka Elections are going on across the Telugu states as well. As there is a possibility for Hung Assembly, punters are betting big on the candidates of JDS party. Also many have made their invested on BJP candidates as well as there seems to be a higher possibility of BJP coming to power.

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Meanwhile the Karnataka election results will be out tomorrow and BJP is expected to secure 96-98 seats while Congress 85-87 seats. If the predictions come true, then JDS led by HD Deve Gowda, former prime minister would play major role in the end results.

Keep watching the space for more updates on Karnataka assembly election results.

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