Beggars in Hyderabad after Ivanka Gone are back on roads Begging.

We have seen the over action and reaction of Hyderabad police who arrested the Beggars in Hyderabad keeping out their live in Jeopardy before the GES Summit 2017 and arrival of Ivanka Trump.

But now the things looks gone changed and shocking as well. Once the Ivanka was out of the Hyderabad its big time work going on in Hyderabad where the Jails like Charlapalli left out all the beggars and as usually they are on roads of Hyderabad now.

The officials earlier promised to create some jobs and road side work to those beggars but they failed in putting out their promise to work. The centers of Hyderabad roads are as usually filled with lot of beggars who are busy in spending time at Begging out.

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