Babu took Kootami Prestigious. Anything for Alliance ?

Naidu seems to have got himself seriously into Mahakutami. It looks like he is ready to sacrifice anything if it comes to the victory of Mahakutami. His recent actions show his support for these statements. Publicity being an expensive way of attracting the voters is not being used effectively by many parties. And under such list comes the Congress Party. Congress although being the oldest party does not have any TV channels or News Papers for its own. However in AP and Telangana, parties like TDP, YSRCP and TRS have one for their own. And that is why it becomes Congress, difficult to win during the elections. But this time, contrary to what it used to be earlier, there has been a huge promotion for Congress all over the media with higher rates of publicity when compared to earlier ones. This led to the raise of a question among most of the public. How did Congress afford publicity this time? The answer to this question is simple. All this is the effect of Mahakutami. Yes, TDP President Chandra Babu Naidu is said to be funding the publicity of Congress in AP. It is also said that nearly 300 crores were kept aside by the TDP for publicity in Telangana. And not a single paisa is coming from High Command. It is also said that, TD Janardhan, an Andhra Leader has been deputed to carryout this publicity and has been carrying whole of this responsibility on him.