Babu taught Media Real Freedom…!

Known for his cunning strategies as well as change of stands, TDP president Chandra Babu Naidu has made yet another comment that proves his change of stands behaviour. After its journey with BJP for nearly 4 years, TDP had pulled out from BJP led NDA and has formed an alliance with Congress in order to sustain in politics as it was facing opposition among the people of AP for not doing anything as promised in its regime. Earlier during 2014 elections he praised Modi and had called Rahul Gandhi a traitor. But now CBN had said that Congress is much better than BJP in terms of administration as well as protection of democracy. Recently in Park Hyatt, CBN had called selective media personals and have spoken with them for nearly 2 hours. During his speech it is said that he told the media that in Modi’s regime, there wasn’t any freedom to speak to media against Modi. He added that he was afraid to talk freely on his mobile either. He also told the media that the situation during congress regime was quite different and had freedom to talk. He went on saying that Modi Government was attacking everyone, who so ever talks against it.  While asked to rate Rahul Gandhi he asked the media whether if they did not listen to his speech in Telangana.