Arun Jaitley INSULTS Telugu people, “They Hide money,” he says

An interesting comment by Arun Jaitley at today’s press meet is irking the Telugu people a lot. Being the Finance minister of this country Arun Jaitely posted some controversial comments on Andhra people stating that the people will be hiding the MONEY NOTE BUNCHES after Demonetisation.

He also said people are hiding the money without getting them to banks and then the ATMs are suffering from money problems in distribution. “More than the money we have been sending to other states we sent to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Looks like the people over there are Hiding the money with them without spending.

Spending will only help the economy to grow but not Hiding forever. “Arun Jaitley went serious on this occasion. This is getting a lot of criticism and everyone needs to talk about this.

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