AP politics taking complete U-Turn?

Till few months before we have many people who even didn’t bother about what’s going on in their state and national politics and especially in Andhra Pradesh but interestingly people are closely observing each and every moment of the politicians. Might be it is because of special status issue or Pawan Kalyan changing his stand on TDP & BJP or other issues.

But one can easily say that there is a tough fight going between YSRCP & TDP to gain the power and momentum. We Seen many YSRCP Mla’s and few MPs jumped to TDP for many reasons but now the national General Secretary of regional YSRCP party blasted a sensational news saying that many TDP bug heads are ready to join hands with them and waiting for the party head approval.

If this happens it will definitely create a huge impact on the chances of TDP getting back to the power in 2019 because already TDP lost BJP Support, Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan who played a major role in bringing TDP to power in 2014 already started doing politics against them. Though TDP chief has immense experience in handling tough situations this will be the toughest for him.

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