AP Government’s complaint in Supreme Court against Modi

Quoting the promises made by the Central Government regarding the Special Category Status, AP Government lodged a complaint in Supreme Court. The affidavit has points on the failure of Modi and his government in implementing the promises given to Andhra Pradesh people during the 2014 elections.

AP Government has also mentioned that the union government promised to help in the financial issues of the state and solve the bifurcation case with justification. Earlier, the state government agreed to the special package demanding Rs 24, 350 crores but the centre allotted a sum of Rs 1050 crores which is not even a 10 percent of quoted package.

Modi’s government was also accused for the pending Kadapa Steel Plant and the process of division of 142 educational institutions under Schedule – 9 of the Act between the Telugu states. Duggirajapatnam Port, Petro Chemical Complex and formation of a separate Visakhapatnam Railway Zone are still incomplete and were also mentioned in the complaint.

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