Analysis: Media KILLED Prajarajyam but CANT KILL Janasena, Why?

We have seen how the Yellow media managed their best to ruin the range of Prajarajyam Party at the time of 2009 election. Even the support media of YSR Sakshi too worked its best to pull down the range of Chiranjeevi and PRP at that time. TDP media has got 2009 and 2014 elections on to their own style.

But the political analyzers are stating that Janasena of Pawan Kalyan cant faces such kind of issues from Yellow media at all. As usually, pro TDP media has been on duty to sling mud on Janasena.

Strangely, leaving a shocker to everyone, the media, hardly, Political analyzers are stating that only the bigger reason here is that Social media has got the lot into the people these days and they are catching the points on the side of Pawan Kalyan. At olden days there are no Social media where only MEDIA has become the high priority for people as well.

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