Agrigold Vice President Avvas Sitaram caught in Delhi

Right after the revelations of the Agrigold scam, Chairman Avvas Venkata Rama Rao and his brother Vice President Avvas Sitaram of the company had been on a run escaping the law.

Chairman Avvas Venkata Rama Rao was caught already and the latest news is that his brother, Vice President Avvas Sitaram has been caught by the police in Delhi today early in the morning. Special forces were set up after knowing that both the brothers were on a run.

After knowing that Avvas Sitaram was living in Delhi, police set up a trap and caught him with their special forces. Central Investigation Officers from AP reached Delhi and took the Agrigold Vice President into custody. As it had came out as a big news about the Agrigold scam, those who had lost money are seeking justice and hope the court finds their need.

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