ABN MD Radha Krishna 10Crore defamation suit on Pawan Kalyan

After all the hype created by Pawan Kalyan yesterday in the film chamber, He went from that place without speaking anything to media and public, Later he posted series of tweets against the media heads including ABN MD Radha Krishna and alleged that he also involved with TDP to defame him and his family by continuously telecasting the Sri Reddy issue in the media and arranging debates for hours and hours.

Pawan also tweeted that he will fight against them legally and also we have seen him speaking with all the leading lawyers.

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After Pawan acts and tweets, Radha Krishna responded saying that “ABN reporters came to film chamber yesterday to cover Pawan Kalyan. His fans attacked us and damaged the media vehicle and also two of their reporters got injured. When telecasting Sri Reddy comments on Pawan Kalyan we followed journalism rules and also muted those vulgar comments. Without knowing all these Pawan unnecessarily dragged us in to this issue and he should have spoken after seeing the videos”.

Need to wait for Pawan response on this.

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