‘A Senior IPS Officer informed of the missing TTD jewellery,’ says Pawan

Debates are still going on regarding the case of missing TTD jewellery and the officials have been enquiring about the issue. Speaking about the same, Janasena leader Pawan Kalyan has made some hot statements through Twitter.

“Few years ago, a senior IPS officer met me at the Hyderabad airport and has been in touch with me. Regarding the missing TTD jewellery case, he has shared some details with me which the TDP and YCP leaders are already aware of. The jewellery was moved to foreign countries on a private jet which is why I was not surprised by the allegations of TTD Chief, Ramana Deekshithlu.” stated Janasenani.

Pawan further tweeted that lord Venkateswara is keeping up the silence which gave the culprits a chance to steal all the jewellery. He added that AP Government’s statements on Pink Diamond and other ornaments are not convincing.

“The Government officials are claiming that the Pink Diamond was broken as people pelted coins during the ‘Ooregimpu’. They must show how a diamond breaks when coins are pelted, in front of the forensic experts, Pawan Kalyan concluded.

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