2 minutes video of Visweswar reddy explaining KCR’s Misuse of POLICE goes viral

Chevella MP Konda Visweswar Reddy after coming out of TRS has been showing his best for the Congress party to raise its standard in Telangana region. At the crucial juncture like this for Congress during Election in TG Konda has become a huge asset for the party with his works helping the party in 360 degrees. Konda Visweswar reddy recently released a video in which he is opposing the act of Police who arrested Revanth reddy putting 144 section in the region of Kodangal . Visweswar reddy stated how KCR is using the Police people to arrest the opposition leaders with no reasonable cases . ” The current rule in Telangana is remembering the Nizam rulers who managed to torture the people and leaders of Telangana decades back. The new Hitler of Telangana is KCR and he is making everyone uncomfortable with his attitude. He has only Winning thoughts in his mind and he is planning to do anything to achieve the win in coming election.” fired Konda Visweswar reddy. In his 2 minutes video Konda Visweswar reddy focused on how Police were being misused not only regarding the case of Revanth reddy but also with lot other issues in Telangana election. This video of Chevella MP is going all over viral on Youtube channels and Whatsapp group messages.