With 96% Lok Sabha attendance, Chevella MP becomes ultimate leader from Telangana at Delhi..!

Ruling party, TRS is still feeling the heat now because of Chevella MP, Konda Vishweswar Reddy’s presence in Congress Party. After his own exclusion from the party he immediately started campaigning and the opposition is terrified of his presence in meetings of Tandur and Parigi. There is a reason behind their fear as Konda is an outstanding spokesman who influences with his breathtaking words.
This Chevella MP got enormous support due to his inarguable dedication towards public service. He has the highest attendance in Loksabha (96%) which is too rare to see in current political scenario. His amazing debatable skills come from the 66 debates that he was involved in so far. The way he speaks in the public favor irrespective of any influence made him stand tall in the hearts of Telanganites. Even when he shifted to INC, many patted his back without any objections being well aware of his capacity.
The way he fired on KCR in Parigi meeting tells us how amazing spokesman he is and he inherited this quality from his father who was the former chief justice to of Hyderabad high Court. He shows an exceptional character when it comes to question raising even when he is in Rajya Sabha, he put forth 210 questions. He argues in an unarguable way no matter it is house or public meeting, he leads the race all time. Many of them are thought provoking and this kind of ambience from the Konda Vishweswar Reddy made him a people leader who raises his voice for his own people selflessly.