Stephen Hawking DEAD? Shocking secret beside World’s great scientist!

Almost 99% of us know who is Stephen Hawking and what kind of bran and intelligence he has. The scientist celebrated his 76th birthday on the last Monday where everyone knows he has the chance of death decades back. The new interesting news is that Hawking dead few years back that means in 1985 where politicians and scientists have replaced him with another guy.

The quotes in the book released A Brief History of time is revealing some shocking facts to look after. One of them is ALS is a kind of worst deadly disease which will kill people in few years but Hawking is currently alive. Also the book says a guy with ALS ant survive more than 4 years even with the diagnosis an Hawking got this disease in the year 1963.

But still, He remained alive for 55 years. Also the theorists believe that Stephen Hawking has nothing to do with Voice synthesizing and NASA people are keeping the typing software.

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