SHAMELESS CASTE FEELING, Jobs ONLY for Kshatriyas at Hyderabad

A new photo regarding a Kshatriyas community is going viral on Social media.A Shame less Castism act araised at Bachupally BVRIT where the students are offered jobs ONLY on Caste basis. They also displayed a poster outside the Job Mela stating DON’T MARRY OTHER CASTE PEOPLE, DON’T ENCOURAGE INTER CASTE MARRIAGES.

This is a shameful event by few people of Kshatriya community and Social media is on Fire for the same. Everyone are breathing fire on this pictures at Facebook and Twitter. The sources said They also had an app called KSHATRIYA APP where only Kshatriya’s can down load and register themselves in it.

Looks like in 2018 we are facing the Caste issues which was created thousands of years ago. Give your comments over this picture and explain why you hate caste feeling.

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