Rain in Uttar Pradesh killed 97 and injures nearly 160 people

On Wednesday evening in Uttar Pradesh, 97 people were killed by sudden rain and dust according to the sources in and around Rajasthan.

Sanjay Kumar from Lucknow said that 160 people were injured and many left in casualties including children. He is Relief Commissioner from Lucknow who said that Agra saw the highest people joined in casualties from them who has lost their lives too.

Bijnor, Bareilly Saharanpur has recorded 9 other deaths due to the dust storms which happened on a Wednesday evening. Indian Air Force’s reported that 48.2 mm rainfall has been recorded in Agra district on May 2nd according to them between 8.45 pm to 11.30 pm with a speed 126 km/hr with thunder and wind storms.

Nearly 33 death and 100 injured cases were recorded in Rajasthan, while 2 deaths in Dholpur along with several trees fall in Alwar City. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje expressed condolences to the people dead due to rain and enquired their families through Twitter.

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