Public Pulse setting why they LOVE Vishweswar Reddy and his decisions…!

It is not needed to come from political background if you decide to serve people. These type of lines might have been read in books but there is a leader who turned out as politician like this. He lives by the values believe and fight until the desired result is acquired. Considered as the boon of the poor people because of his irresistible efforts for the allround development of the people, the most loved politician Konda Vishweswar Reddy is talk of the town in Telangana now.

He is the most discussed leader of his own Chevella Constituency who is unanimous yet so conscious about people’s problems all time. Receiving huge applauds and appraisals all over the constituency by ensuring the policies introduced by the government meet the people without any fail. He worked restlessly unlike other leaders who talks a lot before elections and goes out of sight there after.

But this man lives with the people as well as within the people. In a recent survey conducted, the chevella folks opined that Konda will win and he has to for the continuity in their progress. Even the other Congress leaders are too weak in this Chevella region, Konda is going to play a prominent role to leave their people offshore with the people status in his own style.